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Music Theme Week! We Need You!

Music and Bands
30 Mar 2017 14:17 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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Hey Guys!

So I was wondering if any of you are interested in coming up with particular days in the week to hold themes of music subjects for our site and page?

For example,
Monday - Unknown/Underground Guitarists
Tuesday - Guitar Licks
Wednesday - Genres with Guitar (any and all)

blah blah.

Anyway, the point is mainly for the us to share more music together and share it on the FB page to bring more people to the community, make it a AGC thing. What do you guys think?

Keep it real!
30 Mar 2017 19:33 | Quote
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Back in business Missy? :), Glad to see you still rockin, well... count me in ;)

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