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learning a solo

29 Apr 2015 08:03 | Quote
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What is the best approach for learning a solo part from a tab score book?

I am sure you have all come across this in some point in your guitar life. Hoping for some good sound advice

Many thanks
30 Apr 2015 15:30 | Quote
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I suggest divide solo notes to parts or "groups", practise them parts helps remembering them better.

1 May 2015 18:06 | Quote
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19 May 2015 16:20 | Quote
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Sometimes I look out for any typical 'scale' patterns you memorize (well, mostly anyway...) from the beginner stage. If they happen to follow any of those scale notes, that can come in handy. Best way for me was just to practice the hard parts over and over until they'd imprint into my brain without having to think about it any more :)
13 Aug 2015 07:58 | Quote
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I think the best way to improve our skills in doing a solo is ask our friends to help us. Let he play chords in some progression and then we follow with playing scale. It is work for me.
16 Dec 2016 08:32 | Quote
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I suggest you to become more patience and listen to all the notes carefully. I'm not really good on doing solos but What I do is listen to the solo multiple times try to remember and practice them by group just what Empirism said. I'm a member of an amateur band named Panama's Last Hope and our lead guitarist teach me this technique. I hope that helps, good luck to you.
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