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I got a new Project (Metal)

4 Feb 2015 12:32 | Quote
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can you give me some opinions :)

4 Feb 2015 22:44 | Quote
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Things I liked: Composition, guitars and I think the overall concept.

Things I did not like: Where was the bass? Vocals; sounded like... Not good to me. The drums were not very metal.

I really think you have a good concept here; I mean that. But first thing you need to fix is your rhythm section. The drums, not only sounded off in certain parts, but just sounded "behind" the rest of the music and the bass was just not there. The vocals could also use some more grunt for that style of music.

I know it sounds like I just totally bashed your music. I did not. Ok, maybe a little. But I really could dig the grooves and like I said, I think I get what you were trying to do and I can appreciate that.

Keep at it mano.
5 Feb 2015 03:43 | Quote
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Yeah, guitars was really cool. I had no problems with the bass in Mai, Dekko and Sunbath atleast, could give a little fat or maybe distortion to make it more tight.

Vocals are pretty wicked actually, not my cup of tea because I dig bit more scream and crowl styles or heavy metal sound, but I did recognize that style thou.

In my opinion Sunbath was excellent piece. Excellent.

Overall, compostions rock hard, little tweaking and its pretty legit.

Dat album cover :D

16 Dec 2016 06:46 | Quote
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Maybe you should go for more of a thin, digital distortion kind of sound. Keep it simple and just use a snare drum. Tune the bass "Nashville Tuning", that is everything up an octave. Most importantly, vocals have to come from the vocal cord, not the diaphragm.

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