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How the heck do they do it?

Music Theory
3 Jul 2014 14:21 | Quote
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Hi! I have listened to allot of the Frusciante & flea live jams. Can anyone tell me how they do it?

Like, i mean what are the rules of improvising/ jamming to a beat?

You stay in a scale and hit the root note, or chord note at every ... whats it called... (the "base" beat?) and then just ... like WTF!? Do they make up jam rythms beforehand, and then just play around with it???

Excuse my bad english, allso it was a long time ago that i studied theory, and ive just started to re- learn it all... im going to post a few different topics around here...
11 Jul 2014 15:03 | Quote
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You'd have to ask John or Flea about that one. My guess is that they've played together for hours on end and the fact that both of them are experienced musicians comes in to play as well.
16 Jul 2014 10:56 | Quote
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there are always one thing about jamming, they know what key they are playing say B minor, C either planned or listened, they are both so experienced players, that they hear key very quickly.

You can try it for yourself to understand jamming (what I always courage people to do) search from youtube "backing track in C" or any key you like b minor, d major... then play root scale and try it,

after that study relative scales. you notice that so many notes, most of cases all notes of those scales fit to the current key, rest is your imagination or studied or created licks or use all ways if you like ;).


9 Sep 2014 18:05 | Quote
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they do it cause its what they do ... day in day out ... and have for decades... Fuze is a neat cat and his band (still around)?) Screaming Headless Torso's were fun as hell ... but they are just touching on the stuff cats like Jef (yes 1 f) Lee Johnson (Esp In R Shannon Jacksons band ...esp the guitar feast "Red Warrior" on Axiom) .. Sonny Sharrok, Bill F (esp live "east/West" and w/ Gary Peacock /Paul Motion) and other visionarys like Scofield and Fred Frith have been serving up of late :) Bon Appitite!

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