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What's a Good Guitar 4-500 Dollar Range?

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10 Sep 2013 20:47 | Quote
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Not even a year ago I bought a Squier Affinity Telecaster. It turned out to be a POS and rapidly degraded. The input jack fell out, the intonation is shot and a multitude of other minor problems.

Luckily I got a coverage plan when I bought it so I was refunded the cost plus tax via a gift card. It's about 200 dollars and rather than replace one POS with another I think I'll just save up a few hundred more and try and get a more quality guitar.

I like blues and rock but I also like experimenting with effects. Also I'm looking to buy either American or Mexican. The Tele was made in China and I just don't trust that. Korean would be a third option as I know that most American and even Mexican can cost an arm and a leg.
11 Sep 2013 19:37 | Quote
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Check this one out.


its a rather good shop to browse too...

5 Oct 2013 16:52 | Quote
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I've had a few MIM fenders, and really for the price they are really good guitars if you like the fender sound and feel. they run about $500 new but you can pick them up 2nd hand for $250-300.

If you liked the squire, i'd try one of the standard mim's
17 Oct 2013 21:02 | Quote
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I have a MIM Strat that I got about 6 months ago. It was about 500 bucks all together. I love it! From what I understand, its partially made here in the U.S. and in Mexico. Not sure if you're still looking though.

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