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Boston Marathon (A Moment of Silence)

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15 Apr 2013 19:01 | Quote
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If you're American and you don't know, turn on the T.V., if you're not not: Boston Terrorist Attack

I know this is supposed to be an A political music site, but politics aside, pray for those we lost.
21 Apr 2013 12:10 | Quote
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There is a lot of evil in the world we live in but this post shows there is still good too. Prayers for Boston.
21 Apr 2013 12:19 | Quote
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Hey guys im not too much in politics but i just wanted to say something, I don't understand how everyone can freak out so much about Boston, yet when it comes to everything that's happening in the Middle East hardly anyone mentions their prayers.SYRIA IS DEAD, man in Boston only THREEE people died , Syria? Egypt? i don't know try counting, anyway don't get me wrong all my prayers for all the people suffering out there ..
22 Apr 2013 13:12 | Quote
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@wiliamfret, We freak out because this is unacceptable here. It's unacceptable no matter where it happens but you do have a point though. Violet unrest happens more often in other countries. But don't think that we don't see what happens in other countries here because we do. Three people is three too many no matter where it is. Those of us that do, pray for everyone all over the world.

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