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Do You Think There Are Otherworldly Forces At Work?

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10 Mar 2013 03:17 | Quote
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I try not to be a very superstitious person.

Out brief candle, time is short.

All of that.

But, do you guys ever feel like there might be some sinister forces behind the "music industry", as it were?

Some would say it's the Illuminati, or whatever.

I don't necessarily think that's it's as diabolical as some make it out to be, but I would say there are certain forces and drives within the music industry; that make it seem like there's no depth to music.

I dunno, what are you thought?
10 Mar 2013 09:09 | Quote
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Money tends to be a pretty powerful motivator.
10 Mar 2013 12:12 | Quote
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Oh dear.

I was really drunk last night.
10 Mar 2013 20:03 | Quote
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Yeah, gs124 is spot on imo.
15 Mar 2013 14:23 | Quote
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Term "music industry" is last century. Today, it is "Entertainment industry" So, we need an Item. A product. Well, Bruno Mars... Excellent! young, pretty good voice... easily attracted by major part of the clients, older and the younger.

Then we need an concept, Bruno Mars... Beer, Toys, clothes whatever we can to get little extraprofit with very little funds, because product advertising itself automatically. if we can get him to some movie its good,veery good.

So... we need an music to this artis...a product. Lets do some musically brilliant jazz style stuff?... ah damn, they dont play it to clubs where the big audience are... so... POP! DANCE! now we talking the concept what "big audience" wants, they give a ** about musical depth. They need an idol, they need something to show their status. Im Bruno Mars fan! so will you marry me?

Seriously... I dont think there are nothing else sinister behind it, but a "profit". Its business. Nothing more.

But those who still want something else, they are allowed. They can step a side from main route where major part of the "gray mass" travel.. and see what is behind side route. There are clubs, there are bands there are "ARTISTS". A plenty of them. They are in industry yeah, but they can be heard specificated clubs, record shops and a like...

Just my 2 cents when listening

have fun :D

19 Mar 2013 04:26 | Quote
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Ha, that part about product placement.

Immediately my mine jumped to this:


What an unabashedly way to tie in 6% light beer with themes of sex and prosperity.

29 Mar 2013 02:04 | Quote
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It's the illuminati. Definitely.

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