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Hey Shredders, check this one out

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15 Feb 2012 01:23 | Quote
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Some of you might know Tony MacAlpine, but I found him just few days ago, Ive listened him quite much and must to say, these are old stuff so what happened to shredding... His skill is noted very soon, but still he dont overuse speed, but opposite he focus on icredible melody and technique and speed only carry it. I really think this guy is best "shredder" ive ever heard.

15 Feb 2012 11:20 | Quote
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15 Feb 2012 20:16 | Quote
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My Dad's friend knew him personally.

Great Neoclassical guitarist.
15 Feb 2012 22:30 | Quote
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His stuff seems a lot more coherent to me than the other guys you always hear. thanks for posting him.

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