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11 Jan 2012 22:01 | Quote
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I've been thinking about buying a piano.

Does anybody here play piano?

Is it easier to learn to play piano or guitar?

It seems to me that with the piano being more of a Linear instrument it would be easier to catch on. I'm sure it will be the similar to learning guitar as far as getting your form down, and building good muscle memory.
12 Jan 2012 00:29 | Quote
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i think its pretty much the same, as long as you know the notes :) you should get a keyboard :)
12 Jan 2012 02:56 | Quote
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Instead of buying an actual piano you could buy a weighted keyboard, they feel basically the same to play as a piano and although normally very expensive casio do a cheap one that I can vouch for as being worth the money: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Casio-CDP-100-Note-Digital-Piano/dp/B000WFFQUC

As for learning piano I'd say piano is easier to teach yourself than guitar but coming to it from guitar your picking hand will be weaker and you'll have to work hard to train the finger independence.

When I started taking piano lessons a lot more focus was put onto dynamics and posture, little things like putting your weight on your left foot so your right one can do pedal work easier etc are valuable pieces of advice that you may not find on the internet. All depends if you want to play a more classical style or just your favourite pop tunes.
14 Jan 2012 15:58 | Quote
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Last November I bought an M-Audio Oxygen 61. It's not quite a full piano but let's me tinker and see if it's something I wanted to pursue more.

You have to use it with a computer but I pair it up with reason and have a large pallet of sounds.

I have to agree that if your a right handed guitar player your strumming hand is your weak link.

This site has some lessons

also for guitar
25 Jan 2012 17:16 | Quote
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Here is what I know, piano is one of the easiest instruments to start.

Here is another thing I know piano is the Hardiest instrument to master.

Don't believe me? Think about how many people start on the piano play for 4 year from like 8 to 12, they were ok and then stopped. Everyone has there reasons, but you talk to them about there progression you will start to see pattern.

Why is this? Look at guitar when you start playing. You pick/strum/finger pick with one hand, and your other plays scales/chords. Starting out is hard to do all this at once, but soon it will be come easy.

Now let look at piano. You have to use all ten of your fingers to press keys in order, sounds hard but the action is vary simple in comparison to guitar. All your finger have to do the same action on different keys, easy.

As for why its harder to master is a long discussion. Good counter argument is it's always hard to master any instrument. So have fun.

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