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Week 6: New Chord Challenge: 9#5!

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10 Jan 2012 15:01 | Quote
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Just a prenote: I've been having some trouble with my recording stuff due to a reformat of my PC. It's giving me issues, and now I'm having trouble uploading files. I'll get back into it for this week. We'll see. Anyways...

Hello Everyone! Thank you to all that participated last week:
btimm, nullnaught, moshzilla1016

Every week for the next 8 weeks, we will choose a chord. In that given week, we will have to find someway to use that chord in a song, whether in be part of a progression, arpeggiated, fingerpicked, etc. Though we must write something that will use this chord shape in one week. I figured, why not let the rest of this board benefit from our undertaking.

So here's the deal:

1. Somewhere at the beginning of the week, I will select a chord for us to all learn about.
2. I will post a little bit of background on the chord, how it could be used or where it is being used.
3. You will all noodle around on your guitar with it.
4. Record your favorite riff, progression, lick, etc.
5. Post here and explain to us your mentality when you approached this problem (MOST IMPORTANT PART!!!)

I really urge more people to attempt these challenges each week! They have been a huge value to my guitar playing and have opened my eyes quite a bit in just 3 weeks of work. It benefits me to have more people doing this so I can see how they approach the same material as me!

This week is the 9#5 chord! Good luck!
9#5 Chord Fingerings

Good luck everyone!
31 Jan 2012 02:34 | Quote
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This is just the last few measures of a blues barre. No need to play the whole thing since I use the chord to resolve back to the tonic. In this one I use E9#5 to get back to Amin.

Amin7 C6/D6 C6 (repeat 2X) F9 E9#5

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