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Not that good? or is it....

30 Sep 2011 14:27 | Quote
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Do you ever write something and go WOW, how in the hell did i write that it's so good... maybe i'll be famous someday. Okay a bit exaggerated but you know what i mean. You write something you think is great and maybe a week later or even a day later and you find it's not as great as you once thought it was. Frustrating really, happens to me often... Maybe it happens because i don't share my work or perform in front of anybody. i don't get the MOTIVATION :P:P lol.

What do you think of this line i wrote..?

"What about the ones who are drowning in their lies?
You say their searching for the truth trying to stay dry
But what about the ones that are bad and seem so tough?
You say only their edges are rough"
30 Sep 2011 14:54 | Quote
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Yeah dude, all the time, but here's something that I do about it:
Instead of throwing away the song/riff after I start to not like it, I don't listen to it for a while instead, or I don't play the riff for a while and let it sit. I've found that those initial blasts of 'genius' while riffing or writing lyrics are actually good ideas, but the problem I've had is that I get too close and over analytical of everything after a few days and start to diminish the 'awesomeness' of whatever it was I had to begin with. However, after not listening or playing some riffs for a while, you'll see that initial spark again, and usually you'll have a song that needs a riff or line ;)
30 Sep 2011 15:01 | Quote
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Haha totally man. I feel the exact same way. Maybe i'm just too much of a perfectionist. :P And thanks for my 1st karma man. I thought my posts in the thread on drugs and songwriting gave a bad first impression :D
Great advice.
2 Oct 2011 22:54 | Quote
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I think those spurtss of awsomeness are great.
Though when you write it down,And play it tommorow
you will be in a different state of mind,your tone
parameters might have been a little sharp or flat,or
a ton of other variables that might change the wow factor
of that awsome riff/lyric/etc.

I usually take something like that and always strive to make it
better. Its inevitable that its going to.get boring
after awhile so keep tweakin it until
its so magnificently epic,it wont get boring.

And also,Your opinions are respected here
as long as you.mind your manners,and don't
attack/insult anyone personnally,your straight.


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