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Opeth Concert 9/23/11

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28 Sep 2011 08:51 | Quote
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Saw Opeth last Friday. I gotta say they are AMAZING live. Mikael was spot on. Although Fredrik the newer guitarist seemed to be having a bit of trouble. One problem was that Mikael literally did not death growl once. They played all their clean jazzy stuff so I didnt get to mosh.
1 Oct 2011 17:55 | Quote
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Cool, I wished to be there. I dunno im really hooked this bit newer stuff.

that is just simply amazingly moody.

2 Oct 2011 00:05 | Quote
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That was catchy. I might have to seek out a record by these guys.
3 Oct 2011 02:42 | Quote
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"Watershed" is my favorite album from Opeth. Every song is like an epic journey through your own mind. Incredible stuff.

Rock on!

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