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hometown rockstars

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10 Sep 2011 22:01 | Quote
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any good local bands where you're from?

just feeling the need to show off my hometown's best.

sleepy kitty --- this album is AMAZING. these guys are touring nationally right now. they're actually from chicago, but they moved to st louis and integrated themselves into the st louis music scene pretty well. these guys get a TON of sound out of 1 guitar and 1 drum kit

the breaks --- these guys are really good, unfortunately i can't find any youtube clips of their original music. therealbreaks.com if you are that interested. funny enough, my little brother is friends with the lead guitarist (how i met these guys), and my brother's best friend since grade school filmed this video! i was at this show, they opened for electric six, it was badass.

oh also, it was halloween night, hence the costumes.

finally, speaking of bands who get a ton of sound... just saw these guys last night, can't compliment them enough. seriously it was an outdoor concert with limited speakers, and i only saw half of their set, and i was deaf in one ear for like 45 minutes after the show!


MU330. epic st louis ska. named after the music class that they all met in (SLUH music 330).


i'm not from chicago. i'm not from LA. i'm not from nashville. i'm not from the bowery of new york OR london. i would kill to live in NY in the '70s and see the talking heads, blondie, the ramones etc. at CBGB. i can't. but my city has a nice bit of music history. river city blues, underground indie scene. also we like beer.

what are your favorite hometown rockstars?
11 Sep 2011 00:25 | Quote
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I would put my band up here, but we just started :P

There is almost no Phoenix music scene. Just not enough support for local groups to really thrive here. Cover bands do well though.

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