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Metronome - I need some help

9 Sep 2011 23:37 | Quote
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I just got a really cool one from Germany, I need to time it out to make sure its not off. The pendulum seems to have bend in it, may be it's throw it off. Anyway I've never worked with one before and could use some help. I have an idea one how use it for chords and what not, start with Gmaj to Cmaj 80bpm and hit ever beat; keep moving it up, until you start over and do it over agiang hitting every half beat so on etc.

I'm not sure on scales. Lets same I'm doing Fmaj (F,G,A,A#,C,D,E) do I git every note on the beat just like above? I'm not sure,
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Well... that's entirely up to you.

Basically, to start your taste in rhythm, you should start on the first beat.

A typical 4/4 rhythm a metronome plays goes like this...

1, two, three, four,
2, two, three, four,
3, two, three, four,
4, two, three, four,

Yeah? So, you should start by playing your chords on the bold beats. As for scales, depending on the tempo (play slow to start - AND CLEAN!!!) play a note for every beat... so even the non bold parts. If you get four in there perfectly, that's good. They all need to be perfect timing - and increase when it becomes so easy, you could speak Spanish backwards!

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