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equipment or "gear" freaks?

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16 Aug 2011 15:57 | Quote
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Well I started a thread on records. My other passion is music equipment. Guitar I would say while fast becoming my main hobby has been forever a second place to my electronic and recording studio. I have had hundreds of synths, keyboards, drum machines, mics, processors etc and wonder who else has a big passion for stuff like this.

On another note if you need help with studio setups. Recording help or anything to do with software hardware digital or analog recording I might be your man and I am happy to help!
16 Aug 2011 17:41 | Quote
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How come you don't have a profile?

I have a lot of gear that I'm not good at using:{

I do garage sales so I have a few interesting instruments.

I have also made a few instruments.
17 Aug 2011 11:36 | Quote
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I kind have an passion, mostly software synths thou, I have quite an collection of them also, thou there are many I dont use anymore. Mixing and mastering is so vast sea that it easily drown you if you dont watch out :D...

I always been attached to create a sounds and I often wonder what think those people who make movie sound effects, stargate, star wars and many others. what kind of sound it will produce when you beam plasma cannon to the dark metal not seen on this universe?... well... its fascinating.

17 Aug 2011 12:06 | Quote
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Guitar wise I have my schecter diamond series 006 delux, ibanez rg350ex and yamaha f310 (acoustic) a jay turner P bass copy

effect pedals I have a boss md2, mxr phase90, ibanez weeping demon and I have a hughes and kettner red box to give my tone some kick when recording line in.

Software wise I have komplete 7 and if native instruments get their online shop to work I'll have their west african instrument kontakt patches. I also have a plethora of free software synths.

@emp I have an interest in sound design to, after probably about 20 minutes I managed to make a laser rifle sound on NI massive that sounded good with single shot or sustained fire. I was well chuffed :P
17 Aug 2011 12:14 | Quote
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I don't like spending money. So I don't own a lot of equipment. However, dsesh, if you have some extra stuff lying around that you would like to sell... I'd be more than happy to take them off your hands for the right price :)

And I might hit you up on the recording help... I'm not too good at that, but want to be!
17 Aug 2011 12:56 | Quote
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tinyskateboard: hmmm I guess its time to make a profile huh. What kind of gear do you have that you need help with? Also what instruments have you made. I am very interested in building instruments. both electronic and accoustic

JustJeff: hit me up any time for recording help. Maybe I can do some lessons on that since I am def not teaching anyone guitar! As far as equipment I am pretty much using everything i have :)

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