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29 Jun 2007 17:29 | Quote
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I finally finished learning, and perfecting the song "Since I've Been Loving You (live version" from Led Zeppelin. Now i've been able to find backing tracks for the album version, but not the live version. Anyone know where I can find the liver version backing track?
30 Jun 2007 08:18 | Quote
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Er... I wouldn't be too hopeful in finding a live backing track.
30 Jun 2007 15:07 | Quote
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Yep, sorry cptn, I agree with Doz on this one. As artists can vary how they perform a song live so much from the studio version it would probably be quite uneconomical for backing track companies to make lots of different versions. Chances are, different people will have different favourite live versions, and therefore there are too many minds to satisfy. The album version is common ground for all listeners, so it is the most viable for the backing track companies to recreate. I had the same problem finding a backing track for Steve Vai's version of 'For The Love of God' on the G3 Live CD 1996, where he added a huge intro section. But only backings for the studio version were available. There is, however, a company who I keep seeing various ads for on the net who can create backing tracks for you from any song, removing the vocal lines to leave only the original music. Maybe they could do the same with the lead guitar lines? I'll have a look and post back if I find them.


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