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United States
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Name: Sean
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Country: United States
Experience (years): 3
Profile views: 3578
Posts: 14

Instruments Played:

Guitar, and piano. I am just now learning music theory.

Favorite Bands and Styles of Music:

Blues, Hardrock, Neo-classical: bb king, albert johson, red hot chili peppers, jason becker, buckethead, michael angelo batio, G n\\\' R.


I am a SENIOR in highschool (finally) and I was freshman when I started guitar. I learned on my on how to read tabs, by just spending a good week or so on the internet. Thats when I decided I didn\\\'t need to have a teacher, or learn how to read music, or learn music theory. But as of last year, I have realized I do. My friend is now teaching me, and has been a great help. So far I know notes, what notes make chords, how to keep in key by seeing the notes of chords, minor, major scales, pentatonic, the 5 postitions of pentatonic, and now I am learning modes. So far I just finished the Phrygian mode, of the G major scale. Questions and comments are welcomed.

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