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RATM Cover

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19 Jun 2011 20:51 | Quote
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United States
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I wanted to test out my new MXR Custom Badass '78 Distortion pedal so I made a Cover.

It's censored (sadly).

I made a few mistakes. But I mainly wanted to test the tone.
Tell me what you think. It's supposed to be 100% Analog.
I quite like it.

I used a Epiphone SG - Digitech Whammy - MXR '78 distortion - Peavey Classic 30 Amplifier.
19 Jun 2011 21:37 | Quote
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United States
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I'm a long time Rage/Morello fan and at no point did this offend me. And thats saying a lot, good $hit man.
19 Jun 2011 23:19 | Quote
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Cool, I can dig this. Such an raw sound and played with attitude. Cheers m8.


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