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5 Jun 2011 11:34 | Quote
Joined: 18 Sep 2007
United States
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I've posted a similar thread a couple times before. But my band and I are out on tour right now. Has anyone else on here ever toured? And I don't mean a 3 day weekend or anything, but real, national tours. And does anyone have any interesting tour stories?
5 Jun 2011 11:44 | Quote
Joined: 14 Dec 2009
United States
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I've never toured, but I would be interested in reading the stories that come from this thread.
5 Jun 2011 12:10 | Quote
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United States
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Ditto @ what Btimm said. I hope to tour someday though. It's a slim chance, but still. :P

Let's hear some road stories!
5 Jun 2011 17:23 | Quote
Joined: 22 Sep 2009
South Africa
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we going on tour to zanzi bar for a month in august, taking my vid cam with and will post it up when we done :)

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