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And now I can die happy!

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18 May 2011 11:14 | Quote
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Last night I saw Roger Waters perform the wall at the O2 - for those of you who didn't know he's taking it back on tour for one last time (possibly because he's now minted and can afford it).

But anyways it was AWESOME. They built the wall up and had a whole new set of projections to go with the original ones as well as a remote controlled flying pig that flew at the audience.

Members of the audience had also sent pictures of loved ones who had died in combat and during some songs each persons picture was projected onto a brick of the wall filling the wall.

It has to be the most impressive gig I've ever been to and Roger has amazing showmanship.

Just wanted to share. Anyone else lucky enough to get tickets???
18 May 2011 11:18 | Quote
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UHGH NOO......
18 May 2011 12:06 | Quote
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Yess i saw Roger when he came to Mexico,saw him in 2007 DSOTM tour and the wall tour,deffinately the best shows of my life
18 May 2011 15:03 | Quote
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yep i went.

Dude you missed the gilmour date!! that sucks... i saw him in the states
19 May 2011 11:02 | Quote
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Yea I was kinda disappointed, nick mason was also in the audience on the gilmour date and the stewards got him outa his seat and on stage. But regardless of a lack of gilmour it was still an amazing show.

I also got a trust us shirt with marching hammers on, possibly now my favourite shirt :P

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