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Peavy Valve King 100 watt head

Instruments and Gear
30 Apr 2011 00:18 | Quote
Joined: 08 Dec 2007
United States
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Hey guys I have been considering buying a vavle king 100 watt head....just wanted to see what ya think about them
30 Apr 2011 00:26 | Quote
Joined: 13 Jul 2009
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Its really cool! i like
30 Apr 2011 00:27 | Quote
Joined: 28 Aug 2008
United Kingdom
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They're absolutely insane - in all the best ways. Double the power!

Good choice basically! :)
30 Apr 2011 07:48 | Quote
Joined: 08 Dec 2007
United States
Karma: 9
Well one of the reasons I'm asking is that,in late Jan i bought a peavy vyper 100(not tube) basically for the usb and all the effects so I could get everything in one kinda package...well I had it for 6 days and i went to turn it on and nothing...dead, I was PO, so it was send back to peavy and a month and a half went by and finally I got it back, i had it for 2 weeks and again it died, and i was really po, called and got my money back. I know the head has the tones I'm looking for but I'm very skeptical of the quality, I really dont want to go thru that again beacuse I will lose it this time lol, so any input would greatly help.

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