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Freedback! Tell me about yours

2 Apr 2011 18:33 | Quote
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So I've used feedback before, its a vary interesting technique. I want to know if you guys use it, and if you do talk to about how you control it or use it.

I'm trying to explore it some more.

See I'm trying to learn what I can so I can experament when I get home within short amount of time, because I can't be load vary often.

Small apartments sucks!

here are some videos I found on the matter.

cool feedback at like 1:40

This one is for fun but also for what I'm going for when it comes to Sustaining, only cleaner and more controlled.

But I think that is why I will get one of these, but money sucks!!!

2 Apr 2011 23:04 | Quote
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For feedback I'll usually mute all the strings except the G, and walk toward the amp. If you tilt it so the front of the guitar (pickups, bridge, not headstock) is tilted up some it usually goes more high pitched.
Depressing the whammy pedal a couple inches on 2oct up with feedback gives a cool alien-like flange mix.
If I don't feel like walking to my amp I'll turn on my crybaby.
If I'm using my Ibanez I'll use the whammy bar, which actually bends the pitch of the feedback.

Usually I get feedback when I don't want it, and when I do want it it won't come, so I don't use it too often

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