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Question two - Generas what makes them... them?

Music and Bands
20 Mar 2011 17:23 | Quote
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Give this a try, name a genera (blues, rock, screamo) and talk about what would make a song that genera. Simply? kinda.

I'm doing this to try and build up communication skills due to the fact that I'm moving up in the music world, and need to really understand all times of music.

So help me out here pleas.

If you want to post a song with in a Genera and explain as to why it is that would be really helpful. Thank you to anyone who can help out. I'll be trying to post things to the best of my ability, and I hope you will to.
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Genres are made for all shorts of reasons. Some are rational some not so much. Sometimes (especially in the States/all of America, or at lest that is where I know of it [I'm sure there issues with the gypsys {isn't that a derogatory term anyway?}]) it is largely based on Racial Prejudices.

What I recommend is to start from the top down, Instead of Blues, Rock, jazz, hip hop which are subs if that.

So with the States you got the majority falling into two main Categories; American Pop and American Classical you work it form there As you don't pay me enough to go through it (nor am I qualified).

but here is A wiki article that should get you on the good foot.


they nailed the general basic rules:

* The Art/Popular/Traditional distinction
* Time period
* Regional and national distinctions
* Technique and instrumentation
* Fusional origins
* Sociological function

also ignore the whole this is "American music" and this is "World music" that's being culturally retarded.

21 Mar 2011 12:35 | Quote
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Trip Hop: Slowish electronic drumbeat with a little hiccupy snare sound sometimes. Maybe 85 bpm. Psychedelic effects like phaser on the guitars or flanger on the vocals. Then you usually have a little turntablism interspersed throughout. Occasionally a bit of hip-hop vocal delivery. Pretty negative space oriented music, like oldschool hip-hop. Keyboard and sample oriented as well. Dark sounding manytimes.

Kind of a defunct genre nowadays, but there may be some life in it yet.

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