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Lexicon Lambda USB audio interface.

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19 Mar 2011 04:15 | Quote
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Hi, I thought to throw little preview of my recent toy, Lambda.


Its pretty nice piece of hardware and very walletfriendly too, 135 euros is an ok price. Price may wary on distributer ofc thou... but anyway...

it have 2x XLR mic inputs with phantom power, 2x line inputs, 1x instrument input. It records two signals simultaneously, 2x inserts, 2x line outputs, MIDI I/O, 1x 3.5mm stereo headphone output, direct monitoring.

It takes its power from USB, so it can turn your laptop to a nice portable studio. Its compact size and quite lightweight so its also easy to pack even same case with laptop..depends little of the bag model thou.

Ive used it on a fujitsu 8010 laptop with 3 gigs of memory and windows 7. I have been pleased with it, but I changed Lexicon own drivers to asio4all free asio drivers, because Lambda own drivers are bad imo. Also direct monitoring feature is poor...BUT despite all these and when used asio4all drivers its affordable nice piece of hardware. Signal is clear and good quality. Forexample, guitarrig4 works like a charm with it.

Pack contains also Lexicon Pantheon reverb plugin, that is weirdly NOT free after all LOL or it have some Authorization issues lower the rating imo. Pack contains also Cubase LE.

I really enjoyed it for a price even with issues of drivers and couple minor things I give it 3,5 stars out of 5.

19 Mar 2011 08:20 | Quote
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Owned one; awesome! I used it for three years. Good luck.
19 Mar 2011 11:17 | Quote
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Sounds nice! Good luck!

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