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my homework

6 Feb 2011 13:27 | Quote
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i love this tune the turnaround is sooo dope!!
6 Feb 2011 13:45 | Quote
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Very Sweet Blues
6 Feb 2011 19:22 | Quote
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Excellent music. But i'd call that jazz.
6 Feb 2011 20:31 | Quote
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yeah blues is not just a genre but a musical form. This is Jazz but it's a blues. meaning it's a 12 bar in Bb with a tritone sub in its turn around giving you that wonder overtone scale vibe

I'm liking the piano comp the best
16 Feb 2011 01:05 | Quote
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yeah i use lydian dom over A7#11 and the B7#11. i thought about some whole tone but i didn't try it cuz i only took two heads. i love how i gives me an excuse to play a tritone! i played pretty good as it was due earlier today but i could have done much better i hit all the changes but i fudged up the melody and my solo wasn't what i wanted i kinda stayed in Bb dorian too much i think i could of spiced it up with some more blues scale and some chromaticisim... i don't know i just wasn't feelin it..:(

i also love the piano comp. horace silver is one of my favorites! him and monk are two of my biggest influences i love horaces use of triplets and i love monks cromaticisim.

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