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Schecter C1+

Instruments and Gear
7 Nov 2010 13:30 | Quote
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Ant info on this specic model
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This one have "extra jumbo" frets, some dont like that, but some does. Its also said that, because of that it have issue with frets that chords dont stay in tune... I have no personal experience thou.
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I keep saying this is the best guitar out there for the money. Check out the reviews: http://www.harmonycentral.com/products/45930
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Sorry im a newbie but whats extra jumbo frets mean wider? cause i have a mim fender and the frets dont seem ant wider im confused.Macandkanga its weird this has a 3way toggle,yet the volume? button pulls up and down also making even different sound whats that?Do u know?
Thanks Al
7 Nov 2010 18:38 | Quote
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Extra jumbo frets mean the fret wire is bigger than normal, like Emp said, some people like it, some dont. I think most guitars have Jumbo frets.
The push/pull volume nob is something called "Coil Tap" I can't really explain how it works, someone else can. But it basically turns your humbuckers into single coils, which will make your guitar sound more like a strat

if you have any other questions feel free to ask
7 Nov 2010 19:23 | Quote
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Thank u guys!!

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