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acoustic electric string help

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6 Oct 2010 15:28 | Quote
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Is it, or is it not, a good idea to put electric guitar strings on a steel string acoustic? I will be useing nickel wound .009's.
6 Oct 2010 16:02 | Quote
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i wouldnt see the harm... however i know on some acoustic sets the g string is over wound as opposed to the b and e
6 Oct 2010 16:33 | Quote
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I believe Acoustic steel strings are higher tension than electric so they could feel kinda loose and sloppy. But, maybe you might like it loose and sloppy;) Seriously though, if it's a guitar you want to experiment on and you like the way they feel and sound, go for it. I would just be cautious when putting higher tension strings on an instrument that may not be able to take it. It sounds like this is not the case here though.

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