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Coil Splitting

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4 Aug 2010 03:48 | Quote
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So i am really contemplating setting up a push-pull pot for my 496R bridge pickup on my les paul to split it. Has anybody here split their humbucker? And if you have, is it worth it? I want to split my bridge pickup to get a more bluesy tone when i need it.
4 Aug 2010 06:16 | Quote
Joined: 22 Dec 2007
United Kingdom
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I've never had cause to do it myself, but I was reading about the new Gibson Axcess a while back. Apparently one of the few complaints was regarding its push/pull coil splitter on the tone knob. It was suggested that a push/push switch would be much easier to handle. I can vouch for that myself as I had a push/push switch on my Strat HH a year or two back. Might be worth considering?
4 Aug 2010 10:59 | Quote
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ive got EMG's with coil splitting,the sky is the limit with those,many,many thins you can do! the cleans sound amazing!
4 Aug 2010 11:22 | Quote
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My 89 Warlock has a split Seymour Duncun full metal shred with a switch. I recomend it. I get the best Jimmy Page sound from it!
5 Aug 2010 00:01 | Quote
Joined: 29 Nov 2008
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Alright, that settles it. i was really on the fence about this but now I'm pushed over. Ill start saving for the replacement pickup and pot. I probably would go with the switch, but i really don't want to drill a new hole in my guitar, so ill go with the push-pull pot.

Thanks, you guys rock!

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