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replacing pieces on a guitar?

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24 Apr 2010 16:57 | Quote
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sorry im new to this so i have a whole bunch of questions, but i have an epiphone sg, and compared to my gibson it isnt that good it has an unfinished wood and the neck is getting messed up, should i replace some parts of it to make it better or should i just buy a new guitar?
24 Apr 2010 17:12 | Quote
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Well the way you describe it, the price of either fixing it or buying a new one will probably be the same. so I suggest buy a new one
24 Apr 2010 21:41 | Quote
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Epiphone is the cheap version of Gibson so don't expect them to wear the same.
However, it depends, are you adventurous enough to go creating a guitar on your own? Or maybe you know someone who can help you experiment.
Do you have the money to buy a new guitar?
What exactly is wrong with the neck? And do you mean the wood on the neck too? or the body? GIve us a list of what you think is funky about 'er.
24 Apr 2010 23:18 | Quote
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haha yea i kinda regret buying an epiphone now but before it seemed nice cause i didnt exactly have enough money to buy a gibson. ive always wanted to kinda create my own unique guitar which obviously will cost alot of money but it should be worth it. the neck.. well the wood is like im not sure how to explain it but its like getting like matted with dirt and idk how to clean it off. and the body is an unfinished wood so it doesnt have like a shine which i would like.
25 Apr 2010 01:32 | Quote
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Well find out what wood cleaners people use on guitar (I've actually never cleaned the back of a neck, but I have used Dunlop's cleaning kit on the fretboard, strings and body. Look into the kits offered.
For cleaning the frets themselves (not the fretboard) You can use Nevrdull to make any of your metal parts shine, and I'm sure there are other cleaners you can use for the body and possibly the fretboard itself.

If you're concerned about the body's (lack of) finish, you can always add to it, give it more shine, etc. These are all cheap things to keep your guitar clean, and a dirty guitar is no sole reason to go and replace it. However, I don't wish to discourage you from chasing after your own drive to make things and experiment. Only one way to learn . . .

I have a good friend who's just amazing with anything he lays his hands on. If it's broke, he'll fix it, and find 5 other things wrong with it. He went and made a bass from scratch, he kept the unfinished look for the body (lightly stained and briefly polished), so it's not very shiny but has an amazing, unique look. Pick what sort of "design" you want for your Epiphone and create it.
25 Apr 2010 12:15 | Quote
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post some pic's about the neck being messed up? Is it unplayable, or is the finish just rellicing?

you can just use some auto car polish and a buffer to get that shine back if that's the problem.

Epiphones are cheap enough guitars that you hack and slash and not feel bad, resale value on epiphones are 1/2 of new or less so you chance of selling it anywhere close to new is shot.

I've got an 90's epiphone dot I really love but there are some things i'm going to do to it. I'm going to add a new wiring harness (switch is going bad and it's a witch to get to control, so i've got to pull it i'm replacing it all) I'm going to drop some classic 57's, new screws and pickup rings, add a volume control, replace bridge, move the input to the butt of the guitar, tail piece with a roller bridge, install a bone nut.

It's a great guitar now but after all granted i've got a $400 guitar i'm putting $400 into. but you can't get an gibby hollow for anywere near $800

25 Apr 2010 21:57 | Quote
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Replace those parts! Any experience you can get on working on a guitar, I'd highly advise it. Another way to clean the neck is to use naphtha (another type of lighter fluid), cleans most gunk right off.

The knowledge you will gain fixing your guitar will help tons when your "1" messes up and you need to fix it.

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