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2 Apr 2010 10:45 | Quote
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Can someone tell me exactly what an arpeggio is and how to play/use them?
2 Apr 2010 11:24 | Quote
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Arpeggio is playing a chord with the notes that make that chord, like for example u play the E Major, with arpeggio u play each note separately that make that E Mayjor


here is something that explains it better, what notes u can play ect

Have some melodic arpeggio fun :D
5 Apr 2010 18:30 | Quote
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I know what arpeggios are I just can't play them clean! Is there anyone in this forum that plays them clean that could give some step by step instruction how to do this? Thanx
6 Apr 2010 00:11 | Quote
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I only ever play them clean... I never use distortion anymore.


Scales and Arpeggios Practice

These are my lessons, if this doesn't help, ask me some more questions, or if you want to request more exercises then feel free and I'll do them for you as soon as I can :)

The main key is to play them SLOWLY - speed definitely isn't impressive if it's not done properly... you have to learn it slowly first and gradually increase your speed. Practice CLEAN, never practice with distortion otherwise you'll never hear all of your mistakes.

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