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Chord Names?

13 Feb 2010 23:36 | Quote
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There is a song I like a lot by a band called Bear Vs Shark, song is "Kylie". In the chorus, they use a few chords and I tried to put them in the chord name section of this site and it came up empty. They are as follows:

e:- - -
B:7 8 7
G:7 7 7
D:- - -
A:7 7 5
E:- - -

Does anyone know what these chords are? Thanks!
14 Feb 2010 05:37 | Quote
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Your first chord could be a Dadd9 or an E9 among other things. Your second chord could be a Dsus2 or an Em7. Your third chord is most likely a D major chord but could also be Bm. It all depends on how you want to look at it.

Sorry for the short post, hehe, I'm trying to get ready for work. I'll add more later if no one else does.

Rock on!
20 Feb 2010 11:40 | Quote
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the first is definety Dadd9 because it has the notes D(the root) E(the 9) and an F# (the third) the second to me would be Emin7 and the third could be just a D major chord with an E in the bass
25 Feb 2010 08:43 | Quote
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Since the bass is playing E over the two first and D over the third chord I'd say E7sus2, Em7 and D. I think they don't show up in the identification tool because all of the chords are played without their fifth.

P.S. Those aren't all the chords in the chorus right? ;)

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