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Getting Started on Music Theory

Music Theory
3 Feb 2010 19:50 | Quote
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hey, im new to this forum and I've been playing the guitar 2 years. i never took it very seriously, so I'm not exactly the best player. recently, I've been getting angry at how limited i am, and want to branch out more. so I'm going to start taking my playing seriously, and want to get into music theory.

i basically know nothing about theory except for a few chords.
how should i get started?
3 Feb 2010 21:15 | Quote
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for me, the blues scale(minor pentatonic basically) was my ticket to getting along with theory. Look into learning the pentatonic scale and it's different positions around the fretboard first, it will allow you to start seeing the guitar in a different manner.

also force yourself to learn chords, start simple though.

just what I would suggest for getting started on theory, don't worry too much about the "book" theory and all the complicated stuff just yet though.
4 Feb 2010 08:07 | Quote
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do you know chords? or do you know ABOUT chords? that's the difference between playing and understanding. sure you know how to make a major barre chord and a minor barre chord, but do you understand the difference between the two? that's one way to look at it. i just started asking myself questions and looking up the answers.

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