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BASS W/EMG's onlyl good for metal?

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28 Jan 2010 18:54 | Quote
Joined: 12 Jan 2010
So if a bass has EMG's does that make it really only a metal bass? or can it be played with other styles....im looking to get one and idk what to get.......Or for basses can you kind of pull off any sound?
28 Jan 2010 22:33 | Quote
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I've played and heard what EMG HZ's sound like on a bass, and they really are very nice sounding, I'm not too sure about actives for EMG's on a bass, but the HZ's I heard sounding awesome, very clear and defined it didn't get mushy at all.
And You can use them for a variety of styles if you wanted to.
29 Jan 2010 15:21 | Quote
Joined: 12 Jan 2010
hmmm, ok cool thanks...yeah i want to get an ibanezsr750 which is basically a metal bass...im not so huge on metal but it really is a nice looking guitar and very easy to play, so i was trying to figure out if it could be used in other styles and still sound good
2 Feb 2010 19:44 | Quote
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man, as its been said on this forum before, just because of what's in the guitar are mainly used in x genre, doesnt mean you cant use them else where
2 Feb 2010 20:59 | Quote
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Well put. John5 is a good example of that. Although Tele's do get pretty sweet tone for just about everything.

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