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26 Jan 2010 01:52 | Quote
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So I have an original 79 strat. I love the guitar. I run it through a fender blues jr with some upgrades and love the sound. but when my friend comes over with his heavy ass gibson les paul and p90 pickups I go crazy for that sound. Now I know my strat will never have the sound of that heavy gibson (and I will definitely be getting a gibson) and those p-90's but it got me thinking.

What do you suggest for pickups for me. I can always do better right?
28 Jan 2010 15:15 | Quote
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If you REALLY want that sound, just install a humbucker. I wouldn't go defacing a 79' Strat myself though lol.
28 Jan 2010 15:52 | Quote
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you can buy a humbucker that is single coil sized, like the Seymour Duncan line of strat sized(Single coil) humbuckers. They sound very very similar to a humbucker, though not exact due to the difference of not only all humbuckers, but also the size dimensions.

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