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Question for you guys...any help very much appreciated!

8 Dec 2009 16:57 | Quote
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Ok So i'm trying to learn scales/modes/improvising....basically all the theory and technique behind guitar without taking the expensive lessons that i cant afford, so i've come to you guys for help! =D

Now my question as of right now that im curious to kno is...lets say you're playing a chord progression, A G C D A and i wanted to toss a riff in there over it (my friends much better than me but he always wants me to jam but i cant do any sort of basic improv, the fretboard is basically anarchy to me at this point)

But anyway, if he's playing that progression, to improvise over it, im guessing i would revert back to a scale? correct? Now how do I kno which scale to use? Would I be able to use any A Major scale since it starts and ends on A Major? or how do i kno which scale to use? if in fact thats what id be doing, which im pretty sure it is?

thanx guys!
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Do what sounds good. Theres no rules, the fretboard is yours to explore!
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That's going to be a weird riff, because he is changing keys. I'd have to hear it, but I would suggest playing in A major on the first chord, then playing in G major for the 2, 3 and 4th chords, then lead that back into the A major on the last chord.

Just experiment around. I think there are a few good listens on modes here, and that would be a great place to start for a riff like that.
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Is he playing A G C D A chords, or A G C D A power chords?

That might make more sense. In which case my person inclination would be for an A minor pentatonic. But the door is wide open if they're power chords.
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Scales and chords good sir. I'm going to put up a lesson soon.

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