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Beginner Scale Question and General help needed =*(

30 Nov 2009 08:01 | Quote
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Ok I've been playing guitar about 2 years now, only problem is, all my lessons were taken wen I was 15 years old, im now 23, and i have just picked up the guitar again about 2 years ago. All i'v done with it is look up songs i wanted to learn, get the tabs, and practice them. Well now its time for me to expand my knowledge with this instrument and try and learn the theory and everything behind it. Why this chord is like this, why this scale is important, techniques for playing, etc.

Now onto my question.
I started to learn/practice scales, so I used this site to do so. Anyways, I was learning the G major scale, how its made up, and all that. Now the site told me that a scale will end on the higher octave of the root note (that being "G") well, i looked up the G Major scale on this site, and it ends on a C note...not a G. Me thinking this was a site error, i reverted back to the paragraph explaining that very same scale i was just looking at, and low and behold, in writing, it even said "If you played this scale correctly, you should end on the C note on the 8th fret of the high E string.

Whats going on here? It JUST told me that a scale consists of the Whole and Half step thing, and that it has to end on whatever note it began on...So why is this G Major scale ending on a C?

Now my 2nd question is...Can anyone reccomend me and good books/websites/DVD's/CD-Roms that are good for learning guitar at a beginner/intermediate level?

Any help is appreciated, thanx guys!
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Well to answer your first question, C is the fourth degree in the G Ionian scale, which has the same notes as the G "major scale" and is only different based on context. I don't know why anyone would say you end on C though. The G major scale runs from G to G. However, some people say, when the scale is played as G Ionian, starting on G you will finish on B. As shown in this picture:

I'm not sure on that exact theory though. But it is easier to just remember that when running through scales you go from root to root; G to G.

As far as your second question, this site is all you'll need! Welcome on board dude. Rock on.
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i think he is talking about 3 notes per string stuff cause if you do g major in a 3 note per string pattern it ends on a C

a good DVD is fretboard autopsy by rusty cooley. it teaches you the g major scale and all its modes and other stuff to help you improvise on guitar.
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Its definetly not a sight error maybe you just read something wrong. If ever in doubt look up refer to a different chart.
learning scales from a chart is good, but sometimes its easier and faster to learn them by ear too. And always let your concious be your guide.
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Check out some of the lessons about modes on this site. Afro has a nice lesson and bodom does as well.

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