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Song I wrote

22 Nov 2009 23:46 | Quote
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Lemme know what you think about everything other than my singing cuz I know I can't.

22 Nov 2009 23:51 | Quote
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wow, i love it, i can honestly say this is one of those songs i had written. and your voice isnt bad at all. it may not be a "good" voice, but its a good sounding voice, if that makes sense. good job dude

23 Nov 2009 06:42 | Quote
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Very Nice, I really liked it. There are some things you should still work on but over all a very good tune and I really liked the style. It's a little different that what's on the site most of the time.
23 Nov 2009 08:54 | Quote
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Pretty solid man. I like the riffage, although honestly it was slightly repetitive. A for effort though, hope to hear more in the future.
23 Nov 2009 09:46 | Quote
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Verse 1
You can leave now baby
cuz theres nothing left for you to break anymore
and next time you see me
I'll be frowning a little less until I can smile again


Verse 2
Please don't smile and ask if I'm ok
cuz I think I can deal with all of this pain
I know you'd love to think that I'm lonely
but I'm not I'm perfectly happy, happy without you

There was a time when you had my heart
but that time isn't now ohh

Please let me let you go
Get out of my life so
I can move on and live my life
Without You (right here idk if I wanna just say "alone" or "without you"


Verse 3
You can say we're "just friends" all you want
but I don't want to hang out with you at all
And I know its you not me
I'm glad we can be honest with each other now


Though you think that I'm reminiscing
I promise I won't be missing
All those good times
We never had

Chorus x2

Thanks for all the constructive criticism everybody. I should be posting a few more songs here soon so keep an eye out lol. I'm also trying to sell these songs so if you know anyone (or are anyone lol) in this industry lemme get the hookup.

2 Dec 2009 16:23 | Quote
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seems im always late at seeing these posts:P BUT yer voice isnt bad, but i really dig the sound you have

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