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soloing over chords

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i play metal guitar and i want to put solos with the rhythms and riffs i write,so how do i make a solo go with a rhythm? i would assume that the rhythm and the solo would have to be in the same time signature,i have another guitarist who will play the rhythms 4 me i just want it 2 all go together when i play it,i,m good with theory so if u could tell me how i can use theory t achieve this it would be much appreciated,,,,,,thanx
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get a cassett recorder and record the rythm but not for like 5 seconds you gotta play that rythem for like five minutes and listen and try and add a solo that seems to work for me
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Well, yes same time signature, but if you want you can play ahead of rhythm... add some timing that you dont pick on first...to add some groove on it, make it little exciting...right? It depends on rhythm, it depends on melody, it depends on phrasing... theres no simple answer. But i think at start it would be good to play with same time signature, but im pretty sure you get bored faster than listeners get bored to it that way.

In metal if you play say 4/8, soloing in 3/6 may sound bit funny and its not recommended, by me atleast :P. Just explore the scales fitting to chord progressions... jamming rocks theory off the block... (nonononono, theory is very important) if you know what I mean.

And for godsake! Dont use casette recorder XD... those are from stoneage...

Cheers, hope this helps a bit
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good points!


you can play "behind"-"in the pocket"-"pushing"-etc...
What MUST be present is a good sense of both 'beat' and 'rhythm'.

there is one foolproof and insanely easy way to work on these:
play along and solo OVER, Cds you own. if you don't know the key find it(on your own!) and solo over the whole CD , not just the leads. Do this daily with different CDs (hopefully of differing styles) and in a year or so you will be running lines with confidence and soul.

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you dont have to play in same time signature if you don't want to, you can play polyrhythms however this extremely difficult but if you were intrested in polyrhythms check out african drumming music

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