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Finger picking speed

26 Sep 2009 09:48 | Quote
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South Africa
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Hi guys,
I want to start increase finger picking speed between rhythms but just cant get this technique down and dunno where to start?
Like this guy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPf0-LFA6U4 , im more concerned about his left hand thats going so fast up and down the scales. . . any help where to start?
26 Sep 2009 09:52 | Quote
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play through scales slowly using fingerpicking, once you start to increase speed keep going, maybe change up the pattern after running through it faster and faster. Also if you want to help your fingerpicking, the intro to "Love song" by Tesla is a really good one to learn, that was the one thing that got me loving fingerpicked acoustic parts.

Key point though, start slowly, I know that statement is overused but it is very true. Good luck!
26 Sep 2009 19:52 | Quote
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I tend to find it more difficult to use my thumb twice in a row, I prefer to use it one then stick to the ami fingers. Same goes for them, I find it difficult to use only ami fingers and no thumb. So if you have that trouble, I suggest practising using your thumb twice and only ami.
27 Sep 2009 08:02 | Quote
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South Africa
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Never mind i was actualy refering to the technique called Legato but i found some decent lessons for it thanks anyways :)


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