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Beat it solo

17 Aug 2009 18:26 | Quote
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People of AGC, I've came to you today to ask you a question.
Here's the thing, I'm new in a band which mostly play punk rock, alternative, and some other similar things. We're bunch of amateurs and "sadly" they picked me as a lead guitarist. So we're covering up Beat It song by Fall Out Boy ft. John Mayer which is a Michael Jackson Jackson song(despite the fact the I don't like Michael Jackson, no offense to his fans though, and I reallllllllllly hate Fall Out Boy, but it's fun playing it)
The problem is I can't find the right tab for the solo and I can't get it right by ear. I'm supposed to get at least a nice solo even if it's not same as the song's solo, just something close to it and I have no idea what to do and if I wanna plan Van Halen solo(which is in the Michael Jackson original song), it just wont sound right on Fall Out Boy cover. Help!
17 Aug 2009 18:29 | Quote
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from personal experience in handling Fall Out Boy material, I would say that the original is miles better... I just hate FOB a lot and the 'cover' if you would call it that, the solo, I was not impressed by it, I prefer the original song and the original VH solo.
Honestly I would learn the Van Halen solo, because it is just a better fit to the mood of the song IMO.
But its all up to you my friend.

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