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New guitar

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3 Aug 2009 19:06 | Quote
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I'm having a rather difficult time deciding on what guitar to buy.
I'm into metal new/old, and shred. Stuff like Marty Friedman, the real mellow stuff but still interesting to play. I don't play any 'cover songs' anymore whatsoever, I play to get skillfully better and write my own stuff. Main focus is on metal. SO with a budget between 400-600 what do you recommend?
I'm looking at an ibanez, jackson, and possibly a schecter, I'm not entirely sure about the schecter.
3 Aug 2009 22:15 | Quote
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Dean VMNT.
3 Aug 2009 22:42 | Quote
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id have to say an ibanez rg guitar... just look at the reviews and see for yourself
4 Aug 2009 13:25 | Quote
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I agree, the RG is just one of those that you know your not going to get a bad guitar, while it may not be put on the same pedastal as some of the more specific and specialized guitars out there, its not bad. It may not be suited to your style or whatever, but it is a very good guitar for quite a few styles.

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