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Pickup/Wiring problem

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21 Jul 2009 15:10 | Quote
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Hey guys. I've been having some problems with my jackson warrior today. It was working fine yesterday, but today I was only getting sound out of the lowest pickup. The middle would cut in and out and the top wouldn't work at all. I was thinking because I transported my equipment in my car that maybe the heat got to the wiring and screwed it up. I kept the AC on blast but that's the only thing I could think of. The sound that did work sounded terrible at best.

Now the strange thing is, about an hour later, everything started working again and gradually started to sound like normal. I'm baffled and have no clue what to think. Any ideas or tips would be great. Thanks in advance.
21 Jul 2009 15:16 | Quote
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Check the soldering on the wireing, also for cables which are touching. The joselting during transport may of damaged a solder joint or cause wires to meet.

I don't see how the AC could of caused such things to happen.
21 Jul 2009 17:34 | Quote
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Hmm. I've checked and they all seem to be touching, but it looks the same as when I first got it. I checked a few diagrams of them and it seems to be right so I may have to take it in and have someone look at it.

I was worried about my car sitting in the sun and cooking my equipment so that's why I had the ac on but I guess I'll do some more research on it. Thanks a lot.
21 Jul 2009 17:36 | Quote
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Out of curiosity are you using active pickups or are they passive cause heat can effect battery performance, and has been know to have strange effects on electronics in general.
23 Jul 2009 17:14 | Quote
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They are active pickups and I was wondering the same thing about the heat because I loaded it up so it wouldn't be able to get banged around.
23 Jul 2009 19:49 | Quote
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see Jr! thats reason #18 i toll y'uns not to buy a damned Jackson! wheres my waitress!!, get off my lawn!!!!

juss messin' wit ya CacophonyJackson(from now on = CJ, cause thats hell to type! lol)

probably batteries -- usually is w/ powered p/u's (my bassist has fits w/ both the upright and the reg-fretless he usually plays ... both active EMGs (and a pain in the arse)

i guarantee it aint the coil

and yes .. i'm about half-drunk lol .. students gone - wife gone - everything 'done' ... Tequila Sunrise's mmmmm a good cigar and some old-old kinks ('Something New') blasting out the monitors

life is good!

but Jacksons arn't ...I Keeed! .. i Keeed!
(really i do)

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