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7 Jul 2009 11:17 | Quote
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Megadeth's new song Headcrusher is available for download at studio quality!


I had to post this for any hardcore Megadeth fans like myself

7 Jul 2009 11:19 | Quote
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**** I'm gonna download it now thanks!

The Artwork is crazy cool!

Thats just Classic I wish it were longer though.

Broderick has a crazy solo at the end I think so far third ranked next to Marty and Chris Poland.

Has a System has failed(the Album) sound to it.
7 Jul 2009 11:38 | Quote
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Megadeth always was awesome and always will be

like league said though I wish it were longer to
7 Jul 2009 17:32 | Quote
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Yeah, I thought it had a System Has Failed sound to it as well. Although the riff right after that scream is something from Peace Sells. Its awesome and I cannot wait for the album to come out in September.

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