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need help with writing some indian classical music

27 Jun 2009 09:32 | Quote
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Im trying to write some indian music it is in rag mian ki todi and I'm hitting some difficulties so if you could please answer my questions to the best of your ability.

The rag im using is sampurna sampurna btw

1 When it says the drone is Sa, Pa or Sa, Komal Dha does it mean a constant sa pa harmonic interval or sa, komal dha harmonic interval. Or do i switch between sa, pa and sa, komal dha in harmonic interval form
2 Could the drone just be alternating between sa and pa or sa and komal dha depending on my decision
3 Is there a set rhythm I find no mention of one but certain sources I've found says there is one
4 How do I incorporate the vadi and samvadi

I have some lyrics in Urdu that came from a poem I wrote in english for this piece that were translated into urdu by a friend since indian music is pretty much mostly vocal. I just need the music.

I just realised I've used terms like vadi etc without explanation but if you follow this link: http://chandrakantha.com/raga_raag/mian_ki_todi/miyan_ki_todi.html when describing the raga information it tells you what these terms mean.

I've learnt the meanings of the terms and the indian version of the solfege for this but I cant find sources to teach me how to write the music its self so help would be appreciated

oh and the indian solfege (sargam) is: Sa Re Ma Pa Dha Sa

and with accidentals included it is: Sa, Komal Re, Re, Komal Ga, Ga, Ma Tivra, Ma, Pa, Komal Dha, Dha, Komal Ni, Ni
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ha dood its not about the sa pa or the dha ma, its about the ga ga ga, i thought i was the only one that could speak baby lanuage.

ba ba fo na
27 Jun 2009 21:52 | Quote
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well unless your playing a easterner or non-fretted instrument your going to run into problems with the whole just-temperament stuff.

jazz might know but if i remember right she plays the tabla. so like me she might only have a interest/knowledge of rhythm.

but to answer 3. yes but like everything improvise off of.
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Well RA for the rag mian ki todi it uses the indian equivilant of a mode called todi, the closest we get to todi is this scale:
1 b2 b3 b5 5 b6 7

I've put this into the scale finder on this site and on guitar pro and it comes up with nothing and it does sound unusual so maybe it should be enough to sound right. If not I could write in the style of indian music but using equal temperament.

Also since the site I used to find the raga doesnt have rhythm info if i cant find it anywere what should I do?
Its a morning rag if that helps and it has a slow tempo intro (at the moment I'll change it if i find some rhythm info) and is going to be mid tempo and pretty upbeat for the rest of it. (because I'm trying to convey my mood in morning and I do start off pretty slow before I get into the flow of things)

So if you could give me tips on the rhythm of the piece as I've learnt that the vocals and rhythm are very important in the music I'd be really greatfull

EDIT: I've found the rhythm:
Miyan ki Todi is attributed to Miyan Tansen, one of the foremost singers during the Mughal period (16th century). This is also a morning Raga.
1. Tempo is ‘Vilambit’ (slow tempo). Slowly builds up, never going overboard.
2. ‘Drut’, fast presentation of the Raga. Around the 2nd minute, he really picks it up and sings the notes so fast, it is hard to differentiate the separate notes.

So any tips on slow tempo indian percussion building up to a mid paced (not overboard) rhythm.

I'm actually quite shocked my idea for rhythm seems to be more or less there (hopefully providing thats not a brief over view of it and theres more to it than that.)
28 Jun 2009 04:55 | Quote
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The problem with Indian music is, that our "western scales" (as far as I know) aren't as precise as the Indian scales. Apparently they divide the scales not only into wholes and halfs, but into quarters. So that will be a problem to start off..
28 Jun 2009 06:14 | Quote
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i know its not as accurate and I'm not sure about the quarters thing although I am sure they dont have equal gaps between each notes.

However I wanna give it a shot and try and get as close as possible with what I've got

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