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Profile: davidbahar

Joined: 15 Apr 2008
United Kingdom
Name: David
Surname: Bahar
Gender: Male
Age: 700
Country: United Kingdom
City: Yorkshire
Profile views: 3233
Posts: 14

Instruments Played:

Piano Trumpet Alto Sax, but i now have a new love.

Favorite Bands and Styles of Music:

most inteligent forms of musical expression


Did a dance tune 20 years ago, got picked up by Virgin was a big hit in the then new to the UK Chicago house and dance clubs, the tune was called The Theme i was known as THE MAD MUSICIAN, around this time something happened to my musical senses and jazz called out to me at first i tried to resist as i could not fully understand this form, and my mind could not generate its musical complexity however slowly i began to realize, jazz can be in all forms of music, at all levels, PARKER MILES and COLTRANE took me on a musical adventure and i thank the good lord for seeing me through this, as i touched upon many dangerous places before i got to other PLANETS, at this point i began to understand another level of musical awareness, i left the music industry for 20 years after been lost in a place of melodical madness my lord guided me here to this place maybe to complete what i have to . Now Iím living a dream, wake up in a music studio every day. I work on my own in a drug free zone.
Believe i music is of two forms, one that calls to light and one that calls to dark, is only the light i seek in my musical expression it is this light that i seek in my life, and i love those that give this light and the people that bring this light out from me. Drugs are the WEEDs that take over the beautiful gardens of the mind of many sweet things and drain its beautiful creative awareness, Drugs are for the mind what Steroids are for the body. (In my humble opinion)
Should you ever have the time id love to see you in heaven or for this time @ davidbahar.com
Love spreads peace so shall i love.
David Bahar

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