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A band you should know about

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21 Jun 2009 13:52 | Quote
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This band is absolutely amazing! The whole album was written by 2 guys. Tosin Abasi and Misha Mansoor(aka Bulb)
From jazzy leads to djenty riffs everything about this album is amazing. Not to mention the programmed drums fit perfectly!


I get inspired every time I listen to any of the tracks from this band. Everything about it is something new and unique. Check it out!
21 Jun 2009 16:46 | Quote
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muhammad suicmez wrote his whole album and did all the instruments, with a drum machine. burzum is a one man band releasing quite a few albums( few are which he was in jail at the time). nargaroth is a one man band that also did all the instruments himself.... this is pretty good but i wanted to point out other people made albums by themselves. im not sure if its jazzy but i like it a lot
21 Jun 2009 16:56 | Quote
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Sounds good. very relaxing.
25 Jun 2009 23:07 | Quote
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yaya ^^ Muhammed SuiÁmez he's the **ing man, to wrote all the tracks of Onset of putrefaction album. this is so great music to listen x_x.
29 Jun 2009 13:18 | Quote
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sweet sound

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