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Help with D chord

5 Apr 2009 01:47 | Quote
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United States
Yes, this is a really simple question I know, but I just started playing two weeks ago!

So when I play a D chord, I find that when I depress the strings the sound immediately stops. How can I prevent this from happening? And what other tips can you guys give me? :D
5 Apr 2009 02:20 | Quote
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so when you strum with your pick hand there come "pluck" sound from strings? In that case you might press your fingers little too weakly or when you grasp chord your fingers hit the strings a bit if they are not in right shape... I think others might give you better tips :P. Welcome to the forum
5 Apr 2009 04:59 | Quote
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@ ArcticWolf,
Two weeks eh? haha I remember "two weeks". I was mostly complaining about finger pain at that point! Your problem most likely has to do with the way you are placing your fingers on the strings. Keep them close to the frets and keep them parallel to the stings so that the "lines" forming on your fingertips are straight. This will ensure that you are using the thinnest part of your finger and will help to eliminate that "dead" sound.
here is a good lesson on making the D chord. there is a video at the bottom of the page so that you can see how to do it properly.
Keep at it, you'll get it right. The most important thing is to learn it properly from the start.
And welcome to the site!
5 Apr 2009 06:51 | Quote
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Welcome to the site. I remember I had the same problem, Phip and Empireism sound right to me. I was pathetic at that point! But eventually I got myself to strengthen up and keep my fingers pressed hard on the fretboard.

D I remember well seemed to be my worst chord at the start! Just keep it pressed down hard and if you don't already, do this exercise for a few minutes every day where you press all four fingers on all four first frets of all six strings. Pluck each string four times on the first four frets using all your figers as you go down then move onto the next. Do this every day before you play. You're fingers should soon harden up.

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