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guys.. this is personal

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24 Feb 2009 11:19 | Quote
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You are a wise young man soy. I think you are on your way to getting through this thing!
24 Feb 2009 12:00 | Quote
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macandkanga says:
You are a wise young man soy. I think you are on your way to getting through this thing!


youre a great lyricist also, you can say something meaningful, but not sappy like "girl i miss you"
24 Feb 2009 15:15 | Quote
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OK.. THE OTHER SONG LYRICS.... i have meda three potentiaL songs till now..this is the second one.
girl, what r u lookin at, is it your past

BE it 10 am or a highway crash
no one really gets what i am goin thru right now
girl youve got somethin that just wont let me go thru this
i need u to o back n love me twice

Verse 1
Hear close
2 what i have to say
Just cause
what i feel is hardly ever heard
Hey girl
theres somethin killin me inside
come girl
while im stilla live

Verse 2:i know i hurt you
and theres no turnin back
now that i dont hold you
[yes, ive tried too hard] i just cant ignore it
theres this light in your eyes
makes me know [yes] i messed it all
theres this cold on my soul
now i know i had it all

Breakdown to solo.. maybe i put there a solo:
Maybe hearin this song
will only make you feel worse
but now that im bleedin,
burnin so fast
maybe tomorrow ill be just ash..

Verse (again)
Stare at me
as you used back then
just do that
make me a happy man
all i want 4 u sweet girl,
live your life, but
you better grow well

Bridge/maybe outro.
Girl there you go x4
i just dont wanna let you go
stand by me adair,(her second name)
when youre near i have it all
2 big skies over them theres the sun
and all between its perfect on its own
unlike me, i just cant not go wrong
again, this song its what i feel
maybe youll never get to hear this, girl
its cause i care bout the way you feel...

this song is way more straight the message... ive made all my songs on different humor.. this was written the worst moment ive gone through lately... it helps me feel better... this has all the music already, but im still figurin out how to connect it
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