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4 Feb 2009 12:47 | Quote
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I know this a guitar forum, but I'm curious if anyone here uses an acoustic bass for anything. I've played them before, but I'm considering buying one to compliment my recordings, which tend to be mostly acoustic. I've been known to do electric recordings though, and might use it for the lows on those parts as well. Does it really make a difference, or would I be better off just getting an electric bass?
4 Feb 2009 12:57 | Quote
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I think an electric bass is more useful, unless you record mostly acoustic, or are primarily a bassist. That's because an electric bass will sound better in a mix with acoustic instruments than an acoustic bass will with electric instruments. You can also simulate an acoustic with an electric with software, amp effects and pedals.

I guess part of it is down to preferance, and I guess messing about and experimenting with it can't harm if you have the money to spare.
4 Feb 2009 13:24 | Quote
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Thanks, Doz. I guess that's the answer to what I was asking, though I'm still open to others opinions. I've been asking a lot of people about it. I've got a small budget I'm building up for a bass guitar. I'm considering a G&L or a Laguna.
5 Feb 2009 17:35 | Quote
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if you mean bass guitar as getting this

then yess

if you mean this

then no for it to work acoustically it would need to be bigger unless you want a acoustic-electric bass like a Gibson 335 but in bass form sure but get something like that a semi-hollow
5 Feb 2009 17:57 | Quote
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An acoustic bass guitar will only work for.... acoustic recordings. It really helps create that sound that acoustic guitars project. However, if you want to use it with an electric recording, prepare for it to be overpowered. It is just not strong enough to accompany an electric.

So in that case, I would say just get a straight up electric bass instead of the acoustic, unless you want to do strictly acoustic recordings.

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