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28 Jan 2009 20:36 | Quote
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I was just flicking through a music brochure I picked up at uni earlier today, and I came across a list of workshops at the back, one of which included a free beginner's course in turntablism, and I thought maybe I could give it a go. Three hours on a Saturday afternoon in March, just round the corner from me. Have any of you ever done anything like this before? I know I haven't! Shall I go for it?
28 Jan 2009 20:53 | Quote
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do it!!!!!! i haven't but i got a friend who does it and the stuff is sick he the best at remixing techno it is really fun i would recommend it. i wouldn't pay for it through unless it what your really like
28 Jan 2009 21:00 | Quote
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The only turntabling I've done is with a old record player that I got for $1 and an "Alvin and the Chipmunks" record. I didn't have the proper sized needle, so it made the pitch higher than normal, resulting in super-chipmunk sounds. :P I just turned the record back and forth really quickly, but I think I broke the needles. :O I don't know where the record player is now...

Since it's free, so you're really not risking anything but your time, and if you decide you don't like it while you're there, just leave in the middle of it.
28 Jan 2009 21:04 | Quote
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you should totally do it. you may never have an opertunity like this again!

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